| Edelle Schlegel

Introducing Hulu Durian aka Hor Lor ✨

As soon as I took my first bite of Hulu, I knew there was something exceptional about this variety.

Along with the unique hourglass shape of its shell, the Hulu (aka Hor Lor) durian is much different than other durian varieties I've tried.

Something I love about ripe durian is the creamy texture. I don't particularly appreciate taking a bite of unripe crunchy durian.

However, there is a difference between creamy and watery.

I try to be cautious about not letting most frozen durian varieties thaw out too much. Once they are over thawed, the creamy varieties are ruined, in my opinion (but take what I say with a grain of salt because I consider myself a picky durian eater). Thawed durian is still totally edible, but I prefer a slightly frozen ice cream texture.

I love Hulu durian, in particular, because you can let it thaw completely, and it doesn't get watery like most varieties.

It is because the water content in this fruit is so low. Yes, that does make it not the creamiest fruit ever, but don't let that stop you from trying it because it is by no means crunchy.

Some people compare it to the texture of peanut butter but not as sticky. I think it's similar to the consistency of Magaña mamey sapote- but with a delicious durian flavor. 

Speaking of the flavor, it's sweet and slightly bitter, with occasional hints of berries and chocolate.

I would recommend this variety to both durian newbies and veterans because I think there is something extraordinary about this variety. Everyone should experience it at least once (but hopefully more).

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