Welcome to Miami Fruit!

We are a small business located in South Florida that is dedicated to providing high quality tropical fruit for people in the United States. Our sub-tropical growing zone allows us to grow fruits that are not commonly found in the United States and we are thrilled to be able to share them with you!  

Roots in South Florida:

Rane, co-owner of Miami Fruit and Miami native, began by sourcing fruits from local family farms in South Florida and sold them on his bike trailer at farmers' markets in Miami while playing saxophone gigs.

Cross-Country Connection:

Meanwhile, Edelle, the other co-owner, was in California, selling shoes online for a family owned shoe repair store and selling fruit at local farmers' markets for a family owned fruit farm.

Shared Passion:

Both co-owners shared a deep desire to connect with the source of their food and were passionate gardeners living at home with their single parents.

Connecting Through Social Media

Rane took a break from selling fruit in Miami to live off-grid and farm in the Hawaiian rainforest, while documenting his journey on YouTube. Edelle discovered Rane's videos while researching living and farming in Hawaii.

Connecting in Real Life:

While Rane was visiting the Bay Area, where Edelle was living, they connected through the comment section of Rane's videos and met up, sparking a friendship. 

Fruity Beginnings:

When Rane brought a durian to share the first time they met up, Edelle fell in love. Rane eventually went back to Miami to continue selling fruit and they kept in contact through sending letters and presents in the mail. Rane sent Edelle a box of bananas she had never tasted before which sparked even more passion in sharing tropical fruit.

Uniting Passions:

Edelle moved to Hawaii to study tropical plant science, aiming to someday grow tropical fruit. Rane visited, and together, they decided to unite their passions, leading to the creation of miamifruit.org in 2016.

Fruity Ventures Grow:

The couple initially struggled reselling locally grown fruit at farmers' markets in Miami so they decided to put more focus on offering fruit online where they could reach more people interested in unique fruit. While living in a trailer at Rane's mom's house in Miami, they eventually saved up to purchase their own land in Homestead.

Hurricane Challenges Leading to More Growth:

After Hurricane Irma wiped out local fruit supplies, they started sourcing some imported fruit. Both Rane and Edelle traveled to the countries where some of the imported fruit is grown, ensuring quality and connecting with farmers. A lot of the fruit offered by Miami Fruit is still grown in South Florida and some of it even comes from the Miami Fruit Farm where the focus is growing a wide variety of both native and extremely rare tropical fruits.

Growth and Community:

Today, with a team of 20 people, we pack over 1000 boxes a week and take pride in our commitment to quality. Our hardworking team, based in the USA, operates the farm and shipping operations. 

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our Customer Support team, also based in the USA, interacts with hundreds of customers each week, ensuring your online needs and inquiries are met.

Passionate About Nature:

We value nature and use sustainable/compostable packaging materials to keep your fruit fresh in transit.

Our Mission:

Finding fresh, naturally-grown tropical fruits can be challenging in North America. That's why we're passionate about delivering rare tropical fruits right to your front door. We believe in learning from and supporting hardworking farmers to not only provide the highest quality fruit, but also to help preserve farm land in South Florida from being completely taken by urban developers.

Connecting with You:

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our small business. If you'd like to reach out, please email us at support@miamifruit.org.

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