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***Blood Orange is currently available for Pre-Order. When placing a Pre-Order, this means the fruit you have ordered is not currently in season, or is extremely limited in season. Your pre-order holds your place in line on our wait list. When Blood Orange comes into season and is ready to harvest from the trees, you will receive your order as soon as possible.***

Origin: The blood orange was first cultivated in Italy, but it has since spread throughout the world. Blood oranges are a member of the citrus genus. They can sometimes look like a navel orange on the outside but they typically have a deep red colored fruit and juice inside.

Flavor Profile: Blood oranges have a unique flavor compared to other oranges, being distinctly raspberry-like in addition to the usual citrus notes. The red color is the result of anthocyanins which are a type of flavonoid, a class of compounds with antioxidant effects. Each fruit will look different. Some may contain more anthocyanin (red color) than others.

How To Eat: These blood oranges are ready to eat as soon as they are picked and can be consumed as soon as you receive them.

First come first serve, any orders that can't be shipped this season will be reserved for next season.

 The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit: 

  • One Fruit contains one piece of fruit (sizing varies)
  • Small Box contains up to 3-5 pounds
  • Large Box contains up to 8-10 pounds

We ALWAYS recommend ordering a LARGE BOX for the best value, when compared to a Small Box. Because shipping, handling, and delivery are so expensive per package, the Large Box will contain more fruit and ultimately a better value.