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Tropical Fruit Season Guide ⛅️

This is an unofficial South Florida tropical fruit guide! Since some fruits ripen multiple times of the year, it is hard to be precise. You can always count on bananas every month of the year, but they do slow down a bit in the winter. We almost always have mamey sapote since the magana variety is ready very shortly after the Key West variety ends.

miami fruit seasons

JANUARY - bananas, black sapote, egg fruit, mamey, jaboticaba, papaya, sapodilla, turmeric

FEBRUARY - bananas, black sapote, eggfruit, gambooge, mamey, jaboticaba, papaya, sapodilla, turmeric

MARCH - bananas, gambooge, mamey, papaya, sapodilla, star apple, turmeric

APRIL - bananas, jackfruit, mamey, papaya, pineapple, sapodilla, star apple, turmeric

MAY - bananas, jackfruit, mamey, pineapple, sapodilla, turmeric

JUNE - bananas, dragonfruit, jackfruit, lychee, mamey, mango, mountain soursop, papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, sapodilla, soursop, turmeric

JULY - ackee, avocado, bananas, dragonfruit, jackfruit, longan, lychee, mamey, mango, pineapple, soursop

AUGUST - ackee, bananas, dragonfruit, jackfruit, longan, mamey, mango, soursop

SEPTEMBER - bananas, dragonfruit, longan, mamey, mango, soursop

OCTOBER -  bananas, charichuelo, coffee fruit, dragonfruit, june plum, longan, noni, mamey, passionfruit, rambutan, strawberry tree berry, tropical persimmons

NOVEMBER - atemoya, avocado, bananas, black sapote, cactus fruit, coffee fruit, dragonfruit, mamey, noni, passionfruit, rambutan, starfruit, sugar apple, tropical persimmons

DECEMBER - avocado, bananas, black sapote, egg fruit, mamey, papaya, passionfruit, rambutan, sapodilla, sugar apple, starfruit, turmeric

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