D24 (Sultan) Durian

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D24 Durian, also known as Sultan Durian is typically a very pale yellow/white color. The texture is super thick, dense, and creamy when thawed. The flavor can be described as sophisticated with hints of white chocolate. 

Each box contains 1 whole frozen D24 durian grown in Malaysia.

We ship frozen durian in an insulated box with dry ice or cold packs to ensure freshness upon delivery. The box, tape, and cooler are all biodegradable/recyclable. We use dry ice to keep the frozen durian cold.

The King of fruits. This particular Frozen D24 Durian is consistently the best quality of any frozen durian we have ever tasted.

Miami Fruit's Malaysian Durian is always tree ripe and tree fallen, which ensures the richest flavors and most nutrients are present in every bite. Because they are tree ripened, their shelf live would only be about two days fresh. We freeze the durians on the same day they are harvested. It is impossible to ship fresh tree fallen durian from Malaysia to the USA which is why we choose frozen, as the next best thing.

This durian is available to ship right to your home because we have been working for years to make this happen. A lot goes into importing durian that most people don't see, but we hope you enjoy the fruit of our labor, we definitely are!

Please allow the fruit to thaw on the counter before attempting to eat it, Once it is thawed, it should be eaten in one sitting although that shouldn't be too hard because it is straight up divine! You can always freeze leftovers to eat later.