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Red Prawn Durian ūü¶ź

Let's Talk About Red Prawn Durian

All the way from Malaysia to Miami, this super delicate fleshed durian variety is known for being so fragile that it doesn't even last being shipped fresh from one part of the Malaysia to another.

Luckily for us, these are frozen almost immediately after they drop from the trees to ensure they taste as fresh as possible.

In 1989, Red Prawn durian won 1st place among 83 other durians in the Penang Durian & Fruit Festival. Since then, this variety has been extremely sought after.

The name "red prawn" was given to this fruit more-so for the color of the red prawn's flesh-not its shell. Red prawns are also found deeper in the ocean and have a sweeter flavor than regular shrimp.

The color of the fruit varies. Some pods have hints of yellow, pink, orange, and grey and sometimes they have not much color at all. Some people say the more pale pods actually taste best.

The flavors in this fruit are extremely diverse. There is a huge range of fruity to garlicky notes and occasional pods that taste like pure vanilla ice cream or white chocolate. Red Prawn reminds me of a really good D24 Sultan King.

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