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❄️ Frozen Fruit Variety Box Now Available ❄️

Taste the Variety with the Frozen Fruit Variety Box 
Step into a world of flavor with the Frozen Fruit Variety Box. Now available, this box features 8 different fruits that are sure to please any palette.
Experience the unique taste of musang king durian, kampong durian, snake fruit, langsat, marang, ice apple, strawberry tree berry, and goldenberry – all in one convenient package. Let’s explore each of these delicious flavors! 
The beloved Musang King Durian is known for its sweet flavor and creamy texture. It also has a rich aroma that some describe as an acquired taste. This type of durian is commonly found in Southeast Asia and is often used as an ingredient in desserts such as ice cream. 
Also known as "village durians" because they are seedling durians. Try this durian out if you’re looking for something a bit less sweet than the Musang King variety. Blend the pulp with coconut milk and sweetener for a delicious treat.
This strange-looking fruit has an interesting history behind it. Snake fruit gets its name from its scaly skin which resembles a snake's scales. Its taste is sweet and sour simultaneously with a slightly nutty flavor that pairs well with other tropical fruits like pineapple or mango. It's often used in desserts or salads to give them an extra kick!   
These small round fruits have a yellowish translucent white flesh inside their thin skin. They have a sweet and sour taste similar to lychees but without the intense sweetness of lychees. They can be eaten raw or cooked into dishes such as curries or stir fries.
This Southeast Asian fruit is related to jackfruit, but has a beautiful white pulp inside. They have a pleasant very sweet yet slightly tangy flavor! They can be eaten raw or cooked into various dishes like cakes or jams - making them great for adding sweetness to any recipe!
These interesting round palm fruits have white translucent flesh inside their thin skin. Their taste is mild yet refreshing.
Strawberry tree berries are small red berries that grow on trees in tropical climates around the world. Their flavor is slightly tart but still sweet enough to enjoy on their own or use in desserts like pies or tarts.
Goldenberries are small orange berries native to South America that have a unique tart yet sweet flavor. They're perfect for adding brightness to salads, smoothies, jams, jellies, cakes - you name it.
With 8 delicious varieties all packed into one box, now you can experience all these amazing flavors without leaving your home – thanks to our new Frozen Fruit Variety Box!

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