| Edelle Schlegel

Purple vs Golden Passionfruit 💜💛

On one side we have a not-so gorgeous yellow outer shell with a surprisingly delicious sweet and sour inside.

On the other side we have a classic passionfruit variety that many people know and love with a gorgeous purple shell. 

Which is sweeter? The taste tests are in. The winner is... Golden Passionfruit!

Don't believe us? Order a box of both for yourself and taste the difference ;) This sweeter yellow variety often gets confused with other more sour yellow varieties.

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Passionfruit Facts:

There are hundreds of species of Passiflora that have edible fruit. Of those, well over two hundred are actively used for food somewhere in the world. 

Technically it's a berry and it's very low in calories.

Passionfruit is high in iron and potassium. Deficiencies in these minerals are linked to sleep problems.

The Vitamin C in passionfruit assists with iron absorption.

It adds a beautiful burst of flavor to any fruit, drink, or pastry. 

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