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Achachairú originated in Bolivia. It was renamed in Australia as Achacha (last three letters removed) for convenient pronunciation.

The flavor is the perfect balance of sour and sweet. It's very flavorful but not overwhelmingly sour. If you've ever eaten a mangosteen and a gamboge, it sits somewhere in between those on the flavor/sour scale. Many people say it tastes like lemonade.

It's in the same genus as mangosteen, gamboge, and imbe (garcinia) and has very similar visual and texture characteristics to the fruits in its genus.

It looks like an imbe on the outside and a mangosteen on the inside.

How to eat: Pinch or cut the outer shell, squeeze, and twist open. Eat the white fruit inside the shell around the seeds. Do not eat the seeds.

Achacha fruit is picked tree ripened. It arrives ripe and ready to eat.  Please be sure to eat your Achachairú immediately upon arrival! 

The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit: 
Small Box contains 3 pounds.

- Large Box contains up to 7-10 pounds.