| Edelle Schlegel

Find out what banana varieties we had this week ūüćĆ

Check out the photo above to see what varieties we harvested this week. 

Pisang raja, Cuban green, Goldfinger, Orinoco, Nam wah, Sweetheart

Sometimes it's easy for us being around fruit so much to forget how strange some of these fruits may look to our customers up north.

Thanks to many suggestions, we have been brainstorming how to make it easier for you all to identify the fruits you receive. 

We have thought about labeling each fruit, but that would significantly increase our already limited packing time, and some of you don't want the extra label waste to deal with.

We also thought about printing out a physical ripening guide to include in the boxes, but it would be so incredibly long. 

We could possibly print out a list of what's inside the box, but you would still have to match the names to the fruits. 

Something that has been working well for us is the weekly what's in the variety box blog posts. So we want to try that with our banana variety boxes next.

Bananas grow year round here in South Florida, but each week there are different varieties ready to harvest.

Keep in mind that even bananas of the same variety can still look a lot different depending on many factors. The key is to repetitively see the varieties over and over to learn them, so keep checking back on these blog posts to keep learning!

Some varieties may not fully change color or get spots when ripe, the best way to tell when a banana is ripe is by softness.

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