| Edelle Schlegel

Star apple season is starting soon! ūü§©

Star apple season is about to start! We are expecting our first large harvest very soon. Now is a great time to secure your pre order if you know you are not traveling anywhere for a few weeks.

This fruit also known as caimito or milk fruit is ripe when it has some give. We ship them slightly unripe to ensure they arrive safely. Wait until it is squeezable before eating, some may already be ripe when you get them, and some may need some time to ripen.

To ensure all of the fruit we sell is the highest quality (not irradiated or sprayed with preservatives) we only sell locally grown South Florida star apple.

This means you can plant the seeds and grow your very own star apple trees!

Get a taste of sunny South Florida's seasonal fruit!

Click here to watch a video of us harvesting star apple in 2017! Wow, time flies.

If you order the star apple box, you will most likely get all purple star apple, and possibly some green star apple too if it is available, but green star apple is a little more scarce here so if you want to ensure you get green star apple, please make sure to order the green star apple box.

What’s in Season: