| Edelle Schlegel

Info on This Week's Shipping Delays ❄️

While it feels like summer is starting here in South Florida, the rest of the country experienced extremely low temperatures this week.

Although we normally ship fruit during the entire winter even to cold places, The main airport that receives all of our packages shut down on Monday which prevented us from shipping most of our orders.

Normally, all in season orders placed last week would have gone out this week - however because of severe weather conditions across the country, shipments are getting delayed.

We usually ship our fresh fruit products Monday - Wednesday each week, but this week we could only ship fruit to Florida (and some parts of GA, SC, & NC) safely.

If you are still patiently waiting for your order:

We do not want your fresh fruit to get spoiled in transit due to airport and road closures, so we will be harvesting everything fresh to ship next week. Mail carriers are expected to open next week once the storms pass. 

We plan to ship your order out as soon as possible (likely the beginning of next week)!

Once your packing label is printed, you will receive an email with UPS tracking information. Some labels have been printed, but the boxes will not be shipped until next week. You will know that your fruit is in transit when you see actual movement on that tracking information.

We do apologize for this inconvenience and want you to get your fruit ASAP! 

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.


Caviar limes are going out of season soon, don't miss out!

Custard apple and star apple seasons are right around the corner. You can pre order to secure your spot in line.

Frozen Puyat durian from the Philippines is now available!

Find out how to get a free box of sea moss here.

Here's a recent review from our customer Kaleb H:

The fruit variety was awesome all the fruit was delicious and in awesome ripeness.

What’s in Season:


Black Thorn Durian
Cactus fruit
Caviar lime
D24 Durian
D24 Durian Trays
Durian Party Box
Durian Variety Pack
Eggfruit (canistel)
Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato 
Hidden Rose Apple
Jackfruit Box
Juicing Soursop 
Key Lime

Langsat (Frozen)
Musang King Durian
Musang King Trays
Mystery Box 
Nam Wah Bananas
Orinoco Bananas
Pisang Raja
Premium Soursop
Premium Variety

Rare Tomatoes
Sprouted Coconut
Tamarillo (tree tomato)
Turmeric (fresh)
Variety box
Water Coconuts
Watermelon Guava
White Dragonfruit
White Guava 
Yellow Dragonfruit
Black Sapote 
Gac Fruit
Green Jackfruit
June plum
Preorder / on the horizon:
Green Star Apple
Star apple