| Edelle Schlegel

Important Info for Ordering Fruit in Winter ❄️

As always, it is important to be responsible for keeping track of your order in transit especially if you live somewhere with below freezing temperatures.

We have been shipping fruit all over North America since 2015 and we continue to learn more ways to provide you with the best experience possible.

For warmer weather regions, this is actually our best time to ship fruit, because the colder weather prevents the fruit from over-ripening.

You have the option to select overnight shipping at the checkout for extra security, which means we will send your box next day air. This means your fruit will arrive the day after we ship, not the day after you order.

We send a shipping confirmation email after you order with tracking info so that you can keep track of your box. As always, you'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as a shipping label is printed in preparation for your order, and see movement on that tracking information as soon as your order is in transit!

You can and should sign up for email and/or text updates from the carrier to keep track of your shipment along every point on its route. This is extremely important if your area is experiencing harsh weather so that you can bring your box indoors as soon as it is delivered.

If unripe fruit freezes or gets too cold due to being left outside, it will not ripen properly since our fruit grows in a subtropical climate.

If you are not able to be home when the box is delivered and you are concerned about your package being left out in the cold outside your home, it is your responsibility to call the shipping carrier for them to hold it at their facility for you to pick up. They will do this for free for you. This is highly recommended if you live in rural cold weather regions.

 If you do not want to choose this option, then it is your responsibility to make arrangements to get someone to bring your box inside your home for you if you are away.

Many of the fruits we ship are ready to eat when you receive them. Some of them must wait to ripen. You can find out more ripening info here.

As usual, we suggest to take all of your fruit out of the box as soon as you bring it inside, as it will not ripen properly if left piled on top of each other.

Ripe ready to eat fruit can be kept cold or refrigerated. We always recommend that unripe fruit is kept room temperature. Some unripe fruits can withstand cooler temperatures than others. Annonas like soursop and sugar apple especially must not be kept cold for longer than 24 hours. 

If you have any issues with the fruit you receive, then you MUST email us the same day the box arrives.


If you are still waiting for us to ship your order:

Don't worry we haven't forgotten you. We are continuing to monitor the weather across the country, as well airport closures that may cause delays. Our intention is to make sure that you receive the highest quality fruit possible. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding.