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The Annona Variety Box is Available ✨

Our Annona Variety Box is a magical experience. ✨

To us, Annona fruits are incredibly special, and as our small farm matures, we aim to cultivate rare and new varieties.  

The Annona Variety Box is an exclusive seasonal offer that becomes available only when at least three different varieties of Annona are in fruiting season. For Annona enthusiasts, we highly suggest trying this box multiple times a year to savor the entire range of flavors and textures that the Annonaceae family has to offer. 

*Please note that we cannot guarantee you will receive a particular annona fruit. However, you will receive at least 3 varieties of in-season annonas in your box. 

Fruits that you may find in your Anonna Variety Box at this time of year include-


Lisa Atemoya

Red Atemoya


Sugar Apple


Purple Sugar Apple

These fruits ripen very quickly. We recommend eating or refrigerating each one soon as it is soft. Do not refrigerate before it is ripe.

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