Pink Seeded Banana Box *Pre-Order*

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 ***Pink Seeded Bananas are currently available for Pre-Order. When placing a Pre-Order, this means the fruit you have ordered is not currently in season, or is extremely limited in season. Your pre-order holds your place in line on our wait list. When Pink Seeded Bananas come into season and is ready to harvest, you will receive your order as soon as possible.***

Important Info: When on the plant, the bananas will peel themselves when ripe; however, to arrive safely, they are harvested unripe and will ripen naturally without peeling. When ripe, the banana will be soft and easy to peel. This unique banana raceme makes a gorgeous holiday table centerpiece. Each raceme is shipped fully intact with the bananas unseparated. 

Origin: Pink Seeded banana AKA Musa Velutina is a wild banana species native to Assam and the Eastern Himalayas. It’s typically grown as an ornamental plant, but the fruits can be eaten when ripe. 

Flavor Profile: The small banana fruits are 2-3” inches long and have pink fuzzy, velvety hairs on the outer peel. Make sure to avoid the seeds because they are very hard. The pulp is sweet and tangy. The flavor of the banana is similar to an apple banana with a hint of raspberry sweetness.

How To Eat: Ensure you are ripening bananas at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Always go by softness and easiness to peel.

First come first serve, any orders that can't be shipped this season will be reserved for next season. 

This box contains one bunch of unripe Pink Seeded Bananas *as pictured*. The racemes are typically very small and only weigh a few pounds.