| Hope Iles

You have to try the Miracle Berry that turns sour into sweet! ūüĎÖ

Get ready to experience the magic of Miracle Berries.

Miracle berry physically alters taste receptors and causes sour foods to taste sweet thanks to a protein called miraculin.

When a miracle berry is eaten, the miraculin molecules attach to the thousands of taste receptor cells located on your taste buds.

Humans have at least five different kinds of taste receptors to detect five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. 

Miraculin, in particular, binds directly to the sweet-sensing taste receptors.

Experiments have shown that sweet receptors bound with miraculin are most responsive in acidic pH (4.8-6.5), but in general, the more sour environments lead to a greater intensity of sweet taste sensation.

This means that if you squeeze some lemon juice into water it will tastes like lemonade with no sugar needed!

Miracle berries are native to tropical West Africa and were historically used by West Africans to improve the taste of fermented bread and sour palm wine.

Our miracle berries are grown and freeze dried in South Florida and shipped directly to your door.

Test the magic of freeze dried Miracle cubes with a fresh box of Key Limes or Soursop for an unbeatable combo!

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