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Sprouted Coconut Information ūü••

Did you know that sprouted coconut goes by several names, including coconut bread, coconut pearl, coconut apple, coconut embryo, queen’s bread, and iho or lolo in Hawaiian? 

What is a sprouted coconut, and how long does it take to sprout?

A sprouted coconut is a pillowy cloud of goodness that comes from the inside of a coconut that has sprouted into a coconut tree.

Healthy coconut trees can produce a new rack every moon cycle or month.

After almost 6 months hanging from the tree, coconuts will drop to the ground.

Once it naturally falls from the tree, the mature coconut usually takes about 4-6 months to rest on the ground to sprout!

As the coconut sprouts into a baby coconut tree, the meat inside becomes a thin, crispy layer, absorbing the water inside the nut. This creates a big spongy mass inside.

Flavor & Texture 

The texture is similar to cotton candy or sponge cake. However, the flavor usually is not extremely sweet. Each sprouted coco has a pretty unique flavor ranging from salty to mildly sweet!

Usually, the most flavor can be found in the outer skin of the embryo.

How to open:

Tap here to watch our video. We recommend opening the coconut with a machete or cleaver after husking.

 Note: You can order the sprouted coconuts without the husk (select NO HUSK option), but make sure to eat them as soon as possible.

Coconut History

Although the coconut is said to have originated from South Asia, fossils of the fruit have been discovered worldwide and date back millions of years.

Early Polynesian voyagers from the South Pacific brought the coconut to the Hawaiian Islands.

In the Hawaiian islands, only the rulers and royalty known as Ali'i were privileged to consume this food. They would share its energy, known as mana, with countless others. This food is both satisfying and filling.

This remarkable fruit has the incredible ability to traverse great distances through ocean currents, thanks to its buoyancy.


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