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Greetings! It brings me great pleasure to inform you that the season of bountiful rambutan has arrived once again! 

This fruit is renowned for its unique taste and texture, and it is a true delight to savor. I hope you get the chance to enjoy it soon.

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This fruit is ready to eat as soon as it is picked. We recommend eating or refrigerating them as soon as you receive them.

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*Can not be combined with other discount codes.

The Rambutan fruit is a fascinating and intriguing member of the Sapindaceae family, also known as the soapberry family. It is closely related to other fruits such as lychee, longan, and mamoncillo.

This unique fruit has a distinctive appearance that makes it easily recognizable. Its spiky exterior is covered in soft hairs that encase the juicy, sweet flesh inside. The Rambutan fruit is a popular choice among fruit lovers and is widely enjoyed for its exotic flavor and texture.


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