| Edelle Schlegel

Pineapple ūüćć SALE

Pineapple season is peaking!

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Although pineapples can produce fruit any time of year depending on when and where they are planted, they mostly all ripen in the summer in South Florida.

Only one pineapple is produced by a single plant in a single season. However, the root system shoots up little "suckers" or new plants that also produce one pineapple each.

A pineapple top can take up to 2-3 years to grow one pineapple, but the suckers can produce pineapples in less time (about a year).
Pineapples do not ripen or get any sweeter once they are picked.

Once they are ready to harvest (actually ready unlike pineapples that are sold at grocery stores that are picked unripe) they only have a few days to be consumed so eat your pineapples right away when you get them!

Typically the riper the pineapple, the less "burning" sensation they give when eaten. Sometimes they don't burn at all especially if the outer skin is completely removed.

Did you know? Pineapples used to be a symbol of hospitality and friendship.

A few centuries ago, sweets were not common in countries outside of the tropics because sugar and tropical fruit were rare commodities.

The pineapple became very desirable and sought after for its intense sweetness. Pineapples were used impressively on banquets and were considered to be the height of extravagance in Europe.

Lucky for us, pineapple is now very abundant almost everywhere in the world, but people that have tried homegrown pineapples know that store-bought just doesn't compare.

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