Sunset Dragonfruit Box *RARE* / *Pre-Order*

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This gorgeous rare dragonfruit variety is yellowish-orange on the outside and light pink to deep fuchsia on the inside. 

The flavor is similar to red dragonfruit, but sometimes it can be a bit sweeter. Sweetness varies from fruit to fruit. However, it's not as sweet as regular yellow dragonfruit.

Dragonfruit is ready to eat as soon as it's picked. Eat or refrigerate as soon as you get them.

These pink flesh yellow dragonfruits are non-GMO and grown extremely small scale at our small farm in South Florida. The vines are still young and the fruit is relatively small compared to most dragonfruit varieties. We expect the fruits to get bigger in a few years when the vines are more established.

Note: There are sharp spines naturally growing on the fruit that we do our best to remove before sending to you, but please be mindful while handling and eating them in case we miss any.

Sunset Yellow Dragonfruit season is spring and summer but we only grow small amounts so when you pre-order you will most likely have to wait a few weeks or months for your fruit to be ready to harvest.