| Edelle Schlegel

Mango Season is Starting!! ūü•≥

Mango¬†season in South Florida is starting!¬†We began fulfilling some early mango box pre orders this week with some of these ‚ÄėRosigolds‚ÄĚ which are typically the earliest variety to ripen here.

We only ship Florida grown mangoes because imported mangoes are either irradiated or hot water treated (it’s a law for all mangoes entering the US) and we want our customers to experience the highest quality mangoes our local area has to offer! 

Mangoes naturally grow very well here in South Florida although you may notice some external blemishes on the outer skin (that is completely natural) the ugly outside does not affect the delicious insides.

These aren’t your typical ethylene gas ripened grocery store mangoes. Many mango varieties do not change color when ripe. Always go by softness when determining a mango's ripeness.

We started fulfilling some Fairchild Mango Mix box pre orders this week with the mangoes pictured above. All of the mangos in the Fairchild Mango Mix box come from the Fairchild farm. The mangoes in our regular Mango box may come from multiple farms here in South Florida.

Due to limited availability this year, we highly recommend pre ordering the Mango box and Fairchild Mango Mix box now to reserve your spot in line. Because we will be fulfilling our current pre orders first, you may have to wait a few weeks to receive your box.



What’s in Season:



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Blood Orange



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Durian Party Box

Durian Variety Pack

Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato 

Jackfruit Box

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Musang King Durian

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Pisang Raja

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Puyat Durian

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Sakata Sweet Melon


Star apple


Tamarillo (tree tomato)

Turmeric (fresh)

Variety box


Watermelon Guava

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White Guava 

Yellow Dragonfruit


Gac Fruit

Green Jackfruit




Red Atemoya

Preorder / on the horizon:

Green Star Apple