| Edelle Schlegel

Red Atemoya SALE + small and large boxes available ❤️

Thanks to popular demand and so many requests, we've launched the small and large red atemoya boxes.

Because the fruit is so limited and rare, we may only have the small and large boxes available for a limited time this season.

Red Atemoya has a mild sweetness. The texture is bouncy and chewy like the Geffner variety.

This red atemoya variety ripens for a longer period than most atemoya varieties. We recommend that you allow 2-4 additional days of ripening after the fruit initially gets soft. So once this atemoya gets soft, allow 2-4 more days to ripen (depending on your environmental conditions). Proper ripeness will give you the best flavor.

Use code: RED22 for $22 off the Red Atemoya.

We know it's a very expensive fruit. As the trees mature over the years and produce more fruit each season, we expect for the price to go down.

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