| Edelle Schlegel

Red Atemoya now available! ❤️❤️❤️

Red atemoya is now available! It has a red outer skin and white flesh inside.

The flesh is smooth. The flavor is mildly sweet with a tiny hint of berry. 

Only 4 large fruits and 9 small fruits available this week. The email newsletter is the first to know.

If it says pre order then that means we have sold out of that variant this week but you can pre order for next week's harvest.

Let's talk more about this rare fruit and why it's so expensive:

•This fruit is extremely difficult to find because there's not many people growing it.

•We are paying a very hardworking farmer/mentor a very fair price for his fruit. Each tree cost them $1000. They spent a huge amount of money on land and watering/maintaining the trees as well.

•The seeds are viable and quite valuable. You aren’t just buying a fruit, you’re buying multiple future trees of a variety that is very difficult to get.

•We are shipping this fruit directly to your door so you don’t have to spend time and energy searching for or growing this fruit.

•Once you acquire this fruit, we highly recommend planting the seeds and growing your own.

Thank you for supporting hard working farmers!

Want a whole box of green atemoya instead? The season is just starting, but be prepared to wait if you order now. Due to extreme weather this year, our atemoya is limited. You may have to wait a couple weeks to get your box while we catch up on pre orders.

Due to severe weather there may be some external blemishes/cracks on the outside of the green atemoyas. This will not affect the inside of the fruit.

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