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Persimmon + Soursop SALE đź’–

The feeling you get when your variety box arrives ^ this is Michelle Muench aka bananablondie108. She's a vegan yogi youtuber and amazing mom living in Miami. She's also been a local customer and friend of ours for years, before miamifruit.org even launched!

Michelle is an advocate for plant based eating. The photoshoot took place at her house and when we opened her fridge, it was full of fruits and veggies. It's hard to believe she's in her 40's but she's living proof that eating fruit makes you look and feel great.
Pisang raja is a popular banana right now, even Michelle known for ironically not liking bananas enjoys eating these. The flavor is super rich and the texture is nice with a bit more fiber than a regular cavendish banana. The flesh also has a tint of orange.

We had the pleasure of witnessing Michelle trying soursop for the very first time during this shoot. She genuinely loved it and says it tastes like lemon lime starburst candy. You can watch her trying it here.

The real star of the photoshoot was Michelle's dog McFluffin. He's actually not a dog, but more like a character from starwars. McFluffin loves persimmons and says, "May the fruit be with you."

~All photos from the bananablondie108 shoot are by @chrisjaramedia ~

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Soursop Ceviche
100% plant based 

  • soursop
  • Peruvian corn
  • sweet potato (optional)
  • red onion
  • lime juice
  • spices 

In Miami, ceviche is a very popular dish. It’s equivalent in popularity to poke in Hawaii. 

It’s important to keep cultural foods and traditions alive because what makes each culture unique adds so much value to the rest of the world. Variety is the spice of life. 

As vegans we strive to not consume animal products of any kind, this includes fish.  It’s amazing to know there are so many alternatives out there nowadays, but soursop is one of the healthiest fish alternatives we have found.

Most soursop fish recipes call for cooking or frying unripe soursop, but with soursop ceviche, you just marinate the soursop in lime juice and keep it raw. 

Thank you Sara for sharing this picture and recipe with us, the soursop is from us, and the dish was made by her friend that works at a local ceviche restaurant.
Here's what our friend Mai has to say about sprouted coconuts:

I’d been wanting to try them forEVER and saw a few of them in Malaysia this summer, but didn’t get around to eating them - so it was so exciting to see them at the fest!

Sprouted coconuts are aged coconuts that, after a long while, the liquid disappears and the meat becomes soft and spongy. So I had heard that it was like angel food cake, then my friends tried them in SE Asia and mentioned that it was more “sponge” than “cake” (aww). So I was REALLY expecting to eat something similar to a sponge - dry, rubbery and...chewy? (Don’t worry guys, I’ve never tried eating a sponge) But I LOVED it! To me it was like a MUCH lighter (and softer) texture of Rice Krispies cereal, OR those really big cheese puffs - airy and crisp, and while it didn’t have a strong coconut flavor, it’s salty and savory, and the outer layer also had a light coating of thick coconut cream that, with the aging process, had a tangy flavor similar to yogurt! Very cool. 

As with all fruits and their varieties, each sprouted coco has a different texture and flavor, especially depending on whether you eat the outer layer or the insides. I only had a small chunk of the outer part, so next time it’ll be exciting to try all of it to notice the differences. 

Thanks to @miamifruit for bringing this and other awesome fruits to the festival! I’m sure more love about @MiamiFruit will pop up sooner than later, because how can you not, when you don’t live in the tropics but LOVE fruit, and they have all these AMAZING fruits they can ship to your door?