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🎉Fruit Party! + What's in season for October 🎃

Welcome to this week's harvest update! Find out what fruits are in season for the month of October. If you want to try a bit of everything, we recommend the variety box. We just recently added a new overnight shipping option!

Carli is holding some sweet rambutan. They are ripe and ready to eat as soon as you receive them. We recommend eating them as soon as possible.

Nothing livens up a party more than cacao. We will be shipping out fresh cacao this Tuesday. One of our customers shared a pod with her coworkers and they loved it! We are noticing this fruit gaining more and more popularity when people realize chocolate comes from it.

We harvested more tropical persimmon this week, and have more on the trees. They are starting to get ripe, but we are expecting to be able to ship persimmon for at least two more weeks.

Our bananas have been getting more and more abundant. We are having a banana variety box giveaway on instagram, have you entered? Please make sure to let us know your favorite variety or a variety you would like to try. This helps us figure out what varieties we should grow more of in the future.

Yellow dragonfruit is still going strong. I like to add one to my smoothies to add a touch of sweetness and hydration.

Everyone has been loving soursop lately. The quality has just been getting better and better as demand goes up. You can taste this amazing fruit only when you order a soursop box of overnight variety box. Make sure to leave a note saying you'd like soursop if you select the overnight shipping variety box.

Our avocados have been amazing lately as well. Take your salad game to a whole new level with Miami Fruit avocados.

Sadly this week was our last major Key West mamey sapote harvest. We will be harvesting more this Monday, but we are expecting lower quantities until the Magana variety comes into season.

Even though mamey is out of season, we still have plenty of sprouted coconut!

Nothing says party quite like durian
Start the beginning of October off right with fresh durian. Invite some friends over and have a little durian party to celebrate the transition of seasons.
Persinnamon Rolls!

Super simple ingredients!
•pisang raja bananas 
-Dehydrate sliced bananas 115 degrees for 8-10 hours (we have links to discount and Excalibur dehydrators on our recommended products page at 
-make date/persimmon sauce date sauce is a cup of dates blended with half a cup of water and 1 tropical persimmon with a splash of cinnamon
-smear sauce on dehydrated bananas
-add a couple raisins if desired
-roll up!!
-keep rolling bananas into the roll to make the roll bigger
-sprinkle cinnamon on top

These cinnamon rolls are also on tap (unlimited) at @thewoodstockfruitfestival which is a major reason alone to go buy tickets to that festival today Use code: MIAMIFRUIT for $100 off admission 

We have been obsessed with fruit recipes and creating edible art with our fruit, if you make something please send us a pic, we would love to see! It’s amazing how versatile fruit can be  

The weekend is approaching quickly Are you ready for a fruit party? 

We will be at two events happening this Saturday, the first is the swmarket from 9 am-3 pm. We are there every Saturday. It’s a free daytime market, pick up some fruit for the week, enjoy Tropical Park, maybe head to the beach or head to veganblockpartyfl which is from 5-9 pm, tickets are only $20,  there will be tons of vegan food trucks, live music, inspirational speakers, kombucha pong, and so much more!

This is the very first Vegan Block Party in South Florida, and the creator of this event, Ariel took a semester off college just to plan out this whole night! Give her some support and make some vegan friends. 

What's in Season this Week

Variety box
Tropical Persimmons

Sprouted coconut
Yellow dragonfruit
Pink guava

Gac Fruit
Fresh Durian
Frozen Musang King

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle 

Velvet Apple LIMITED
Red Dragonfruit LIMITED
White dragonfruit LIMITED
Passionfruit LIMITED

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