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☀️Feels like summer with MiamiFruit 🌴 Harvest Update 🌈

School is in and memories of summer begin to fade in most of the country.. except here in Miami it feels like summer all year long!

We hope that the taste of our fruit transports you to the tropics where life is simple and the water is warm. Rambutan gives me that feeling.

We shipped out some amazingly fresh cacao fruit this Tuesday. The white juicy fruit surrounding the bean is sweet and the beans are a good source of flavonoids and numerous other compounds. The beans can also be added to smoothies for a chocolate flavor.
Tropical persimmons are still abundant right now. Even though the weather is still warm here, persimmons give us a taste of autumn. We only ship out one variety. It is a rare tropical variety that can withstand more heat than most persimmon varieties. The persimmon in the top left corner of my hand is perfectly ripe and ready to eat. The other persimmons are unripe and inedible. As the persimmon ripens, it will soften and darken color. 
Yellow dragonfruit tastes like cookies and cream ice cream, yet is healthy and hydrating. This fruit is great for staying regular. We recommend eating one a day. It can be eaten as soon as you receive your fruit, but will last a long time on the shelf and even longer in the fridge.

Rane has been obsessed with eating soursop lately, they were even in his dream last night. You can see for yourself why MiamiFruit soursop are the highest quality. This is what our customer Zoe has to say, "They are SO GOOD. They're super fluffy and soft and they taste just like green jolly ranchers to me. I got some a while ago and now I got some more because school is starting up and I need extra brain power. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for something new to try."
Our sprouted coconuts have a wide range of complex flavors and even textures. The center of the sprout is sweet and fluffy, but the outside is flaky and salty. Sometimes the inside of the shell will have a creamy buttery texture and other times it won't It's always a surprise, and always delicious.

The sea grapes grow abundantly on here. We have been mono-mealing every chance we get. They taste exactly like grapes but with a hint of sea salt. 

Avocados are still trickling in. We have so many varieties growing right now. The one we harvested this week is super creamy. Every variety box got one to try this week. We are expecting to do a major harvest in about a month. It's best to get your order in now.
We've been harvesting more and more varieties of bananas each week now that most of our plants have recovered from hurricane irma. A small tropical storm knocked over a few racks a couple weeks ago, but many racks survived and we are still sending out more and more selection. 
We sent out some amazing fresh durians this week including an entire Durian Party Pack! One of our friends said that the durian he had tasted like whipped cream. This is definitely a must try, and the party pack is a great deal if you have a few durian lover friends interested in pitching in for a party!

~photography by @kingkongfilms~

What's in Season this Week

Variety box
Tropical Persimmons

Sprouted coconut
Sea Grape
Yellow dragonfruit
Pink guava

Gac Fruit
Fresh Durian
Frozen Musang King

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle 

Velvet Apple LIMITED
Red Dragonfruit LIMITED
White dragonfruit LIMITED
Passionfruit LIMITED
Monstera LIMITED
Breadfruit LIMITED

We will be at VEGAN BLOCK PARTY!
Stop by our booth to get your hands on the BEST rare, tropical, delicious fruit available!
The event is Saturday October 6th 5-9 pm

Super Simple Autumn Recipe:
Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender. No liquid is needed. It will come out perfectly thick and creamy. Pour in a bowl and enjoy with a spoon.