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Persimmon Paradise ūüćÖ + Harvest Update ūüĆą

Mamey sapote for dinner! One of my favorite evening meals is mamey, avocado, tomato, and a little jalape√Īo mixed together.¬†

We are really living in persimmon paradise here. This variety in particular is rare but our farm is full of loaded trees. We feel so grateful to have so much abundance and love seeing these fruits that we have put so much love into nourishing all of you.

Speaking of paradise, heaven is a monomeal of sweet juicy fruit on the beach. One of my favorites is dragonfruit because they are so hydrating and cleansing. 

Monstera Deliciosa
There’s a reason it’s known as the delicious monster fruit 
The flavor is comparable to a pi√Īa colada drink. It‚Äôs a combination of pineapple, banana, jackfruit, and coconut.
The plant is beautiful, and able to climb up trees with its aerial roots. The leaves are large and glossy. 
The flowers self pollinate, and the fruit can grow abundantly when the plant is given freedom to grow.
We harvest the fruit around this time of year (September) every year, but you can always tell it is ready to pick when the scales begin to separate near the base. 
It is very important to make sure the fruit is properly ripe before consuming. The scales will fall off of the fruit naturally. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE SCALES OFF. The fruit is edible and safe for humans, but if eaten unripe, small fibers can cut the inside of the mouth. This is a must try fruit in our opinions. The flavor is sweet and unique. One of our all time favorite fruits. 

We could talk all day about this amazing fruit, but we will let our customer Jai tell you about his first durian experience.
"Wow wow wow
I finally met the king... and it was one of those odd occurrences where my expectations were completely met. Durian is seriously an experience to eat. I felt like with my first bite, my brain was searching the archives to see what I've had before that compare to this and when it came up empty handed I was in awe.
It's creamy, it's sweet, it's savory, its everything. Every corner of my mouth was working overtime to process the taste.
Mother nature is wild folks, like...the sheer variety of fruits we have on this planets astounds me every single day. .
Thank you so much to¬†@miamifruit¬†for making this possible, the only better way to try durian for the first time would have been to go to Southeast Asia directly, but today I felt a little like I was there ūüíö
The wonders of prakriti continue to astound me!"

We sent tons of premium soursop this week. You can still get your premium soursop when you use the code: ‚Äúsoursop40‚ÄĚ to take $40 off your second box of soursop when you put two soursop boxes in your cart and use code: ‚Äúsoursop‚ÄĚ to buy 3 get the 4th box free (take $117 off your order when you put 4 boxes in your cart)

Gac fruit is grows on a vine and contains high amounts of beta carotene and lycopene. The flavor is very subtle. Texture is slimy and creamy Gac is often used in Vietnamese cuisine and as traditional medicine. You can eat it raw, add to smoothies, soups, or rice dishes to add nutrients and a bright red color. This fruit can be ordered individually.

Velvet Apple (mobolo) also known as African Persimmon tastes like a light eggfruit and persimmon with the texture of soursop mixed with durian.  Now in season and only available for pre order.

June plum is in season. This fruit is best eaten after it turns a little yellow. It has a more vegetable-like flavor and texture. Can be eaten like an apple.

Sea grape is a native plant to South Florida, and tastes like a grape grown near the sea! In late summer, it bears fruit in large, grape like clusters. The fruit gradually ripens to a purplish color. Each contains a large pit. The flesh is sweet and slightly salty. Must be eaten at the ripe purple stage.

Our friend Will loves cacao and mushrooms so he's growing cordyceps mushrooms on the cacao pods that we shipped him. If you love cacao as much as him, order today! We will be shipping fresh cacao this Tuesday.

Sprouted coconut at our farm! after a long day of pulling weeds in the heat, it’s nice to crack open a sprouted coconut and enjoy the salty fluffy goodness
Rambutan at the beach! Super sweet and juicy. Life is good when you choose fruit.

Quick and easy recipe idea:
Guacamole made with avocado and lime juice 
Eaten with freeze dried jackfruit chips

Need to hydrate on the go? We've got you covered. Spread the fruity message while you're out and about or squirt some water in your mouth while you're laying horizontal in bed. Our Miami Fruit water bottle does it all ;)

Variety box

Sea Grape
Velvet Apple
Gac Fruit
Sprouted coconut sticker
Sprouted coconut
Red Dragonfruit
White dragonfruit
Yellow dragonfruit
Passionfruit LIMITED
Monstera LIMITED
Miamifruit waterbottle 
Fresh Durian
Frozen Musang King
Breadfruit LIMITED
Avocado limited
Pink guava