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ūüĆąSeptember Harvest Update + DURIAN HEAVEN ūüĎĎ

Hey Fruitlovers!

Welcome to another harvest update.

Before we begin we would like to let you all know that at the bottom of every email is a list of all the fruits we have available/in season and orders we expect to fulfill within a month.

This Monday was the first time we were at our farm since before we drove to New York for Woodstock! The first thing we noticed were the bright orange tropical persimmons ready to harvest on our trees! These babies are amazing and ready to ship. We will be doing our first major harvest this upcoming harvest day.
This beautiful rack of nam wah bananas was ready to harvest on Monday. There are many other varieties that are close to being ready. We are expecting a larger banana harvest this Monday.

Three different kinds of dragonfruit are in season right now including: yellow dragonfruit, white dragonfruit, and red dragonfruit.

If you're missing those sugarcane juice filled mornings at Woodstock, try ordering a box of sugarcane! You can cut the cane into pieces and chew them to extract the juice. Just remember to spit out the fibers. You can also order your own sugarcane juicer here. 

We sent out all soursop pre orders on Tuesday, and are expecting another shipment from Grenada within a few weeks.

Still reminiscing about that mamey sapote from Woodstock? We got you. We are shipping out the exact same variety from the exact same farm every week.

Need more sprouted coconut burgers in your life? We have plenty of sprouted coconuts at our farm with your name on them!

Our avocado trees are loaded right now. We grow some of the best tasting low fat avocados that we've ever had. They're not quite ready yet, but they will be in a few weeks.
When it's creamy like a hass, but huge, you know you are gonna be satisfied!
Speaking of satisfied, when is the last time you had a good durian?
Have you ever been to durian heaven?
What is durian heaven you may be wondering? It's not a place although we think we might have been to the closest physical thing to it this summer in Malaysia.

Durian heaven is a feeling. Some may call it a high, others call it a spiritual experience. Durian heaven requires two key factors:

#1 is obviously good quality durian. The best quality is tree fallen from Malaysia, but we have had some excellent durians in America as well.
The second key is good people and/or intentions. Eat durian with people that give you warm feelings and try to take each bite mindfully and with joy.

We are so exited to share more info about our amazing out of body durian experiences from our summer in Malaysia and the Woodstock Fruit Festival, but we need a little more time putting together all the footage we collected. Keep an eye out for the email though because it is coming, and we can't wait to share everything we learned and experienced.

We hope that if you read all of this that you will treat yourself to some good quality durian with a friend this week. We have fresh monthong durian coming in this Monday and will be shipping this Tuesday. We also have amazing quality frozen musang king durian in stock and ready to ship this Tuesday. 
Here's a photo of the frozen musang king durian that we enjoyed today. The flavor reminded us of our time in Malaysia. This fruit is powerful. 

Variety box
Sprouted coconut sticker
Sprouted coconut
Red Dragonfruit
White dragonfruit
Yellow dragonfruit
Passionfruit LIMITED
Monstera LIMITED
Miamifruit waterbottle 
Fresh Durian
Frozen Musang King
Breadfruit LIMITED
Avocado limited
Pink guava