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Mid April Harvest Update ūüćĆ

Welcome to our weekly find out what's in the variety box + harvest update + banana variety box identification blog post.

Each box we pack is slightly different due to the size, shape, weight, and availability of each fruit.

Our small boxes are one layer of fruit and our large boxes are two layers separated by a compostable "pillow".

Bananas grow year round here in South Florida, but each week there are different varieties ready to harvest.

Some varieties may not fully change color or get spots when ripe, the best way to tell when a banana is ripe is by softness.

Small Overnight Variety Large Overnight Variety - Bottom Large Overnight Variety - Top
Small Variety Box Large Variety Box - Bottom

Large Variety Box - Top


Small Banana Variety Box Large Banana Variety Box



Mamey Sapote is abundant right now.

Do you get seasonal allergies? Try drinking a shot of Organic Noni Juice every day!

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I was inspired by a ripe soursop to create some edible art. It started with a smoothie (soursop pulp, frozen bananas, almond milk, key lime juice, and dates) but then turned into a raw pie when I decided to whip up a quick crust in the food processor using only cashews and dates. I molded the crust into a pie pan, poured the smoothie on top, and put in the freezer until half way frozen. This pie was delicious! However it must be eaten quickly or frozen because it can easily melt. If you want a creamier filling, try full fat coconut milk instead of bananas and almond milk. Watch a narrated tutorial with subtitles here.

Here's a recent review from our customer Rendal:

Received another wonderful box of fruit. Every shipment contains an assortment of fruit I cannot purchase locally.

What’s in Season:



Black Thorn Durian

Blood Orange



D24 Durian

D24 Durian Trays

Durian Party Box

Durian Variety Pack

Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato 

Jackfruit Box

Juicing Soursop 

Key Lime



Musang King Durian

Musang King Trays

Mystery Box 

Nam Wah Bananas

Orinoco Bananas

Pisang Raja

Premium Soursop

Premium Variety

Puyat Durian

Rare Tomatoes


Sprouted Coconut

Star apple


Tamarillo (tree tomato)

Turmeric (fresh)

Variety box

Water Coconuts

Watermelon Guava

White Dragonfruit

White Guava 

Yellow Dragonfruit


Black Sapote


Custard Apple

Gac Fruit

Green Jackfruit



Red Atemoya

Preorder / on the horizon:

Green Star Apple