| Edelle Schlegel

Harvest Update + what's in the variety boxes ūüď¶

Welcome to our weekly find out what's in the variety box + harvest update email!

This week the weather seemed to calm down for most of the country compared to last week, but if you live somewhere with temperatures below freezing, make sure to check out our winter guidelines.

Each box we pack is slightly different due to the size, shape, weight, and availability of each fruit.

Our small boxes are one layer of fruit and our large boxes are two layers separated by a compostable "pillow".

Small Overnight Variety Large Overnight Variety - Bottom Large Overnight Variety - Top
Small Variety Box Large Variety Box - Bottom Large Variety Box - Top


The queen of fruit, mangosteen blessed us with her presence this week. If you got some in your overnight variety boxes, make sure to eat them right away because they arrive ripe and ready to eat!

We have begun fulfilling the oldest custard apple and star apple pre orders, but both are still limited at the moment.

Rare tomatoes and kumquat are back in season!

The photo above is of a delicious smoothie bowl I made inspired by outer space. I used frozen Gros Michel bananas, blueberries, sea moss, and nut milk for the base, and topped it with cacao nibs and star apple.

Here's a recent review from our customer Carol H:

Three beautiful cacao pods, safely packed and delivered quickly. Three passion fruits were included, too! We will order again from Miami Fruit soon. Great produce.

What’s in Season:


Black Thorn Durian
Cactus fruit
Caviar lime
D24 Durian
D24 Durian Trays
Durian Party Box
Durian Variety Pack
Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato 
Jackfruit Box
Juicing Soursop 
Key Lime

Langsat (Frozen)
Musang King Durian
Musang King Trays
Mystery Box 
Nam Wah Bananas
Orinoco Bananas
Pisang Raja
Premium Soursop
Premium Variety

Puyat Durian

Rare Tomatoes
Sprouted Coconut
Tamarillo (tree tomato)
Turmeric (fresh)
Variety box
Water Coconuts
Watermelon Guava
White Dragonfruit
White Guava 
Yellow Dragonfruit
Black Sapote 
Gac Fruit
Green Jackfruit
June plum
Preorder / on the horizon:

Custard Apple
Green Star Apple

Star apple