| Edelle Schlegel

What's in season for the beginning of March ūüĆł

Welcome to our weekly find out what's in the variety box + harvest update email!

Before we get into this week's variety boxes, we want to remind you that we still have amazing Malaysian and Philippine durians in stock! We have specially been enjoying the whole durian fruits!

Right now we highly recommend whole musang king and d24 (sultan king) durian. We ship with dry ice to ensure the fruit is still frozen upon delivery.

Each box we pack is slightly different due to the size, shape, weight, and availability of each fruit.

Our small boxes are one layer of fruit and our large boxes are two layers separated by a compostable "pillow".

Small Overnight Variety Large Overnight Variety - Bottom Large Overnight Variety - Top
Small Variety Box Large Variety Box - Bottom Large Variety Box - Top

Here are the banana varieties (unripe) we shipped this week:

Small Banana Variety Box Large Banana Variety Box



This Monday we caught up on red custard apple orders.

This Tuesday we caught up on Mamey Sapote orders.

Rare tomatoes and kumquat are in season!

The photo above is of some freshly harvested turmeric being sun dried after washing with water. This is potent anti inflammatory earth medicine.

Here's a recent review from our customer Emily:

First time ordering from Miami Fruit,and it won’t be the last. We love this tropical fruit and we’re missing it from our visits to Colombia and Hawaii. So we decided to try it out and we’re not disappointed!

What’s in Season:


Black Thorn Durian



Cactus fruit

Caviar lime

D24 Durian

D24 Durian Trays

Durian Party Box

Durian Variety Pack

Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato 

Jackfruit Box

Juicing Soursop 

Key Lime


Langsat (Frozen)

Musang King Durian

Musang King Trays

Mystery Box 

Nam Wah Bananas

Orinoco Bananas


Pisang Raja

Premium Soursop

Premium Variety

Puyat Durian

Rare Tomatoes


Sprouted Coconut


Tamarillo (tree tomato)

Turmeric (fresh)

Variety box

Water Coconuts

Watermelon Guava

White Dragonfruit

White Guava 

Yellow Dragonfruit


Black Sapote 


Custard Apple

Gac Fruit

Green Jackfruit

June plum


Star apple

Preorder / on the horizon:


Green Star Apple