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ūüéÉSpooky Season Changes + Harvest Update ūüĆą

This upcoming Monday will be our last major tropical persimmon harvest. We highly recommend ordering a box if you'd like to try our persimmons this year.

Another raceme of nam wah bananas ready to harvest. Bananas have been abundant lately. One of our customer favorites is nam wah for its silky, creamy texture.

The avocados on our farm are finally ready to pick! They are super delicious. Now is a great time to order an avocado box.

Passionfruit is a delicious combo of sour and sweet. We love eating it with Caribbean papaya.

Caribbean papayas are in season right now. We have caught up with our pre orders and will now be fulfilling orders weekly. These papayas taste like heaven because we only pick them tree ripened (streaks of yellow appear letting us know when to pick them). We recommend storing our papayas in your house in a similar way to this picture. They need a lot of air surrounding them and should be laid flat.

The little green anon in my hands is called sugar apple. It comes into season a few times per year for short periods. We had a large harvest last week, and are not expecting very much this week but you can always get a pre order in to reserve your spot in line. It usually comes back into season in December as well. The flavor reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

This beautiful sprouted coconut was enjoyed after shipping all of your boxes on Tuesday. I have been obsessed with this fruit lately, and like to eat one every day in the evening time.
This photo came from one of our customers who loved our soursop so much, she sent a box to her friend! We love seeing your photos! 

What's in Season this Week

Variety box
Tropical Persimmons
Sprouted coconut
Yellow dragonfruit
Pink guava

Frozen Musang King

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle 

Fresh Durian LIMITED
Velvet Apple LIMITED
Red Dragonfruit LIMITED
White dragonfruit LIMITED

Sugar Apple LIMITED
Cherimoya LIMITED


Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream Recipe
(inspired by the flavor of sugar apples)
Blend all ingredients and top with cacao nibs