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­čśł Trick or Treat yourself ­čĹ╗ to some Sweetness ­čŹî

We hope you are having a hauntingly sweet month of halloween treats.

Red dragonfruit makes the perfect bloody antioxidant rich snack.

If your digestion is haunting you, we recommend eating our Caribbean papaya.

Yellow dragonfruit is so sweet it's scary.

Our water coconuts are sure to quench the thirst of any vegan vampire.

This LARGE June Plum is spooky in size comparison to this quarter.

These soursop halves look like little ghosts floating around the soursop. This photo was taken about 30 minutes after the fruit was cut. Soursop stays white for a long time because it doesn't oxidize as fast as other fruits such as apples. 

If you're phone's dead, try using cacao instead. It may not get good reception, but it sure will be the best chocolate selection.

How many faces can you find inside this guava? When you taste the sweet flesh, it will make you forget about your trauma. 

Whip up the most delicious potion in your cauldron "blender" with our silky and soft nam wah bananas.

Stop drowning in tahini and start adding some amazing avocado to your salads. Use the code: "avolove" at the checkout to take $10 off any size avocado box.
Nothing says scary more than the outside of a durian, but a true durian lover knows theres nothing spooky about the amazing flavor and texture. Trick or treat yourself to a fresh durian.
Brains!! Or is it sprouted coconut? Either way it is sure to satisfy any hungry vegan zombie. 

What's in Season this Week

Variety box
Sprouted coconut
Yellow dragonfruit
Pink guava

Frozen Musang King

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle 

Fresh Durian LIMITED
Velvet Apple LIMITED
Red Dragonfruit LIMITED
White dragonfruit LIMITED

Sugar Apple LIMITED
Cherimoya LIMITED


We will only be shipping about half of the variety box orders this week due to a special project we are working on and will update you soon. Please be patient and be aware that it may take 1-2 weeks for your variety box to arrive.