| Edelle Schlegel

Black Sapote Season is Starting ūüíö

The "Chocolate Pudding Fruit" aka black sapote is trickling back into season! Now is a great time to place your pre-order.
Black Sapote is super satisfying to eat and is personally my favorite fruit in the winter.
The flavor of this unique persimmon relative is mildly sweet and not super chocolate-y, but the texture when ripe is creamy like pudding.
How to tell when Black Sapote is Ripe:
Black Sapote Recipe Idea:
Brownie Batter Smoothie Bowl
Frozen Black Sapote 
Frozen Bananas
Raw Cacao Powder (Optional)
Raw Walnuts 
Cacao Nibs
Date Sauce
What’s in Season:
Tamarillo (tree tomato)
On the Horizon/Pre Order: