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What brings us together ūüĆą Harvest Update + What's in season ūüćĆ

Nothing brings us closer than a good old fashioned fruit picnic.

Vibes are high when you eat high vibe food. It's easy to get friends together.. all you have to do is provide the fruit!

These star apples are out of this world. According to one of our customers, "It feels like I'm eating an amethyst". See for yourself why when you eat this fruit in the sunshine.

Soursop will always be a crowd favorite. It is a fact that this fruit tastes better when shared.

Our mamey sapote is super vibrant because it is grown with a lot of care. See for yourself why people from all over the world say our mamey is the best they've ever tasted.

The sweet floral fragrance of pink guava is easy to distinguish. I've been loving eating this fruit on it's own with a spoon.

You will feel RADIANT when you start incorporating more dragonfruit into your life.

Tamarillo is an uncommon fruit that satisfies so many of my savory cravings. I love eating this fruit plain or in a salad.

Be a fruit tree and share your fruits with someone you love. If you don't have anyone to share fruits with, reach out online, but always remember that everything you're looking for can be found within. So make sure to honor yourself every once in a while with some amazing high quality fruit ;)

What's in Season
Star Apple
Tree tomato 
Variety box 
Premium Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Yellow Dragonfruit
Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava
Cherimoya LIMITED
Black Sapote LIMITED
Sprouted Coconut LIMITED
Breadfruit LIMITED

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

Miamifruit MERCH

Vegan Potluck this Sunday at Biscayne National Park in Homestead from 11:11 am - 4 pm. Delicious vegan food by the community, garbage pick-up to help out the community, yoga and meditation for the community, and music. Come out. Bring a dish, utensils, and a plastic bag or seven for garbage pick-up! Yes there will be fruit!

Fruity Merch available HERE