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🌱The REAL Miamifruit team behind the fruit 🌈 + What's in season 🌳

What is it like working for/volunteering at Miami Fruit? A small fruit shipping website that has only been around for officially about 3 years that started with no financial investment? 

Do we get to hang out all day and eat gigantic soursop?

Of course we get to eat amazing fruits, but a lot of sweat, dirt, and sometimes tears go into this. ;)

You have to be cool with being around community 24/7.

You also need to know when to take time for yourself and breathe.

You need to be strong willed

and be able to keep a postive attitude.

You have to be able to get your hands dirty when it is time to pick sapodilla,

and be able to be okay with bugs and animals nearby.

Along with haing a sense of humor,

an appreciation for nature is a must

and inner peace is a major plus.

Sometimes you have to get sideways,

and creativity is encouraged always.

Self motivation is something we highly respect.

and an ability to listen and learn is also very important.

You must be willing to evolve.

and be proud of your accomplishments.

While simultaneously having gratitude for every single person that helped you get to where you are. Every customer that gave you the opportunity to do what you love, and every friend that helped you out when you needed an extra hand. Lastly, every Fed Ex guy who scanned hundreds of boxes and loaded them onto the truck. We wouldn't be what we are with out all of the support. Thank you.

Lastly, shout out to all the farmers that grow all of this amazing fruit! Without you guys, we wouldn't have any fruit to ship!


Photography by Mike Hedge


What's in Season
Star Apple
Tree tomato 
Sprouted Coconut
Variety box 
Premium Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Yellow Dragonfruit
Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava
Jaboticaba LIMITED
Cherimoya LIMITED
Breadfruit LIMITED

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

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