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😍The REAL Valentine's Day Candy 💕 + Harvest Update 🌈

Skip the Valentine's Day candy and get your sweetheart a box of fruit instead.

This is real chocolate. We included fresh cacao in this week’s variety boxes and expect to be able to to do the same next week as well.

This sweet brown sugar flavored sapodilla has been a hit among our customers lately. It must be eaten completely ripe for full enjoyment. To make sure you are eating our fruit at peak ripeness, check out our ripening guide.

This rare garcinia fruit called gamboge is abundant right now, but not for long. Next week may be our last harvest. We have been including them in most premium variety boxes. You can also order just a pound of this fruit to try, since it is naturally very sour.

Here are some banana varieties from last week: Gros Michel(top left), cuban green(middle), nam wah(top right), pisang raja(bottom right), and mysore(bottom left). Each week we harvest different varieties, but these varieties tend to be more consistently abundant than others.

Here is a smaller(than usual) avocado variety that we shipped out last week. A common misconception with Florida avocados is that they are watery. Some varieties are yes, but most of our varieties(specially in the winter) tend to be more thick and creamy. This one is like butter.

We had a large harvest of passionfruit this week and were able to include an abundance of them in the variety boxes. This fruit is naturally sour, but tastes great when eaten with sweeter fruits.

This week was our last major black sapote harvest. We expect to harvest a few more times in limited amounts, but cannot guarantee we will have much for the variety boxes.

I had the pleasure of watching our friends Olivia and Jera (who we met at the Woodstock Fruit Festival) try yellow dragonfruit for the first time. They were shocked by how sweet this fruit is. We filmed their reactions and the video should be up on Jera's youtube channel in about a month. Look out for that in an upcoming email.

Last week we included some jujubee in the variety boxes. This new fruit is similar to a june plum and crunchy like an apple. One of our longtime customers was stoked to get this fruit because it reminded her of eating it in her home country. Let us know if you'd be interested in trying this in your variety box or ordering a box of this fruit alone.

This week we included a stick of sugarcane in all of the variety boxes. This is a fun one to peel and chew. You can chop into pieces and share with friends and family. We recently got a sugarcane juicer for our house and have been fueling our box packing days with this amazing sweet beverage. Click here of you are interested in investing in a high quality juicer. We also have bulk box options for our fellow sugarcane juice lovers.


Fruit makes a great Valentine's Day gift. Order the overnight or premium variety box to guarantee your order arrives before February 14th. You can also order a soursop box and it will arrive Wednesday since we ship all soursop orders overnight.


What's in Season
Variety box 
Premium Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Yellow Dragonfruit

Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava LIMITED
Black Sapote LIMITED

Sprouted Coconut LIMITED
Sugar Apple LIMITED

Granadilla LIMITED
Breadfruit LIMITED

Frozen Musang King

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

 Have you been wanting to try a bunch of our fruit in unlimited quantities? Want to be around likeminded fruit lovers for a week?

Come to the Woodstock Fruit Festival to experience fruitopia and use code: MIAMIFRUIT for $100 off admission.

We are at the Southwest Community Farmer's Market every Saturday⠀⠀
SW Market is from 9-3⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

SW Market is a FREE farmer’s market open every Saturday

Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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