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ūüĆĪSpring Clean your diet + Early May Harvest Update ūüĆł

It's that time of the year.. when everyone starts thinking about cleaning their space. Much like our outer world, our inner world can use some cleansing as well. Everything is constantly changing. You're gonna have to let go of a lot externally and internally to get to the next level of health.
One of the biggest challenges people face is the desire to feel satisfied (not only with what they have externally) but with what they eat. Sometimes people eat too clean and forget to get enough calories. This is where mamey sapote can help. Mamey not only is an extremely healthy food (just look at how vibrant it is) but it also will fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied and grounded.

The flowers are blooming in our outer world, but what about our inner world? Lets make that place smell amazing too. Try eating some pink guava and other sweet smelling fruits like jackfruit and you may notice even your body odor start to change.
Speaking of sweet, Our favorite sweet passionfruit variety is in season right now. There are many passionfruit varieties growing in South Florida. Most of them are quite sour, but this springtime variety in particular is quite sweet. It also tastes great eaten with other sweet fruits like papaya and mango.

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*If you order a passionfruit box right now, you may get one variety or a mixture of multiple passionfruit varieties. Availability changes each week depending on what is ready to harvest and how many orders we recieve.
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