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Meet the mom behind MiamiFruit ūüíē

Rane on the left is the creator of MiamiFruit. Nan, the lovely lady on the right is Rane's mom and she is also a huge reason why MiamiFruit is what it is today.
Nan supported Rane since the beginning. Way before miamifruit.org, Rane used to ride his bike to every farm and put the fruit he harvested on his bike trailer, then bring the fruit back to sell at local markets.

She let us use her backyard as our experimental rare fruit growing jungle, and up until only a few months ago, all of the boxes were packed and shipped out of a small office module (the fruit cave) in her yard. 

Nan put up with a lot from us, but her positive attitude kept a smile on her face. She always supported us in any way she could, while still giving us enough space for us to do what needed to be done.

This mother's day give your mom the gift of fruit! We are certain it will put a big smile on her face. ;)

Let the woman who stands by you through every phase(even the permanent phases) know that you are grateful for everything she's done this year. We have a special Mother's Day Premium Variety Box (will arrive right before Mother's Day), Merch (may not arrive in time, but you can always let her know it's on the way), and gift cards!

What's in Season
Star Apple
Tree tomato 
Sprouted Coconut

Variety box 
Premium Variety Box
Mother's Day Variety Box
White Dragonfruit
Yellow Dragonfruit
Water Coconuts
Banana Variety
June Plum
Pink Guava
Breadfruit LIMITED
Custard Apple LIMITED

Sprouted coconut sticker
Miamifruit waterbottle

Miamifruit MERCH


Fruity Merch available HERE