| Edelle Schlegel

ūüĆüWhat's in Season for March + Harvest Update‚ú®

Star Apple Season is HERE! ‚≠źÔłŹRane and Edelle were hard at work Monday morning picking 150 pounds of star apple in the Miami sun. We kept cool by eating loads of this juicy fruit.

Sweet, succulent sapodilla are still going strong! We should have this delicious fruit for a while, but you should treat yourself to a box today! Starting at $50

We added another rare banana to the website. Meet psang raja! This is Rane's all time favorite banana. It has a caramel sweet flavor and creamy texture. Check out a small video we made of Rane eating it here.

I have been LOVING the Caribbean papaya abundance in Miami lately. I cannot get tired of this amazing fruit, because each one really has its own unique flavor!

If a lemon and a mango had a baby it would be gamboge. It's actually in the mangosteen family (garcinia tinctoria) but has a very mango-like texture that's exploding with vitamin C! We are about half way done with the season so get your pre-orders in soon.

This is the absolute last of the black sapote we picked this week to fulfill an old pre-order. There will be no more until November! There is also no more egg fruit left until the summer. Luckily we still have plenty of gamboge left ripening up on the tree.

The baby Key West mamey are coming in. This variety is the same variety that we brought to the Woodstock Fruit Festival!

Bananas Harvested this week: Praying Hands, Gold Finger, Mysore, Nam Wah, Green Cuban Reds, Psang Raja, Saba, and Pelapita! 

Thank you for another amazing picture Aleksandra! Sprouted coconuts are available right now.

Don't forget about our turmeric! We planted them last summer and now they are ready for harvest. :)

We have some baby jackfruits coming in! Email us if you are interested in unripe green jackfruit for cooking. miamifruitsales@gmail.com