| Edelle Schlegel

End of February Harvest Update ♡

What's in Season for the end of February!

Sapodilla season is still going strong out here in Miami! We have many varieties here in South Florida! Our favorite right now are these giant ones.

Our large colorful passionfruit season may be coming to an end, but stay tuned for updates.

Luckily, we will still have these little yellow ones!

Avocado season is slowing down, and black sapote season is over.

We had an amazing pitogo harvest last week! These pitogo banana are so sweet and easily becoming our favorite variety right now.

We have also been working on our own farm planting bananas and sweet potato cuttings! Let us know if you live in the area and would like to help us on our next farm day!

Check out this amazing nam wah banana rack that we harvested! If you ordered a variety box a couple weeks ago, you got to enjoy some of these amazing bananas from this exact rack!

This is some of the gamboge we harvested last week. The trees are producing a very small amount at a time, luckily there is still a lot left to size up on the trees.

Here is a green variety of star apple that we harvested. Star apple is coming in slowly, but we have plenty left coming in to harvest!!

We also have some noni fruits popping up. Noni is known for its many antibacterial and health benefits, not its flavor.

If you are a juice company and would be interested in some frozen or freeze dried passionfruit, please email us at miamifruitsales@gmail.com.
Aleksandra Winters from Olenkoskitchen on instagram is a raw food artist. In this picture she is holding some perfectly ripe mamey sapote from Miamifruit.org!