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The MUSANG KING is now available! ūüĎĎ + Special Edition Harvest Update ūüĆü

Meet Natt @planetumoja and Sehfuu @sehfuu. They're vegan artists living in South Florida, passionate about yoga and nutrition. Natt's daughter Krysta came along too and has the soursop balancing on her head being Sehfuu in the photo. 
Speaking of soursop, we've been shipping (and eating) some very high quality soursop lately.

Mamey Sapote is meant to be shared. The fruit itself is so dense that often times most people can only eat a half at a time. This just proves that its best eaten with someone you love.

Natt recently posted this photo of bananas with a beautiful caption that we want to share:

"Is the vision getting a little more clear ? Are you starting to like the reflection looking back at you in the mirror? Are you finally doing all the things you keep saying you will do? Do not give up, this is your reminder to keep going! Get more sun, eat more fruit, and tell yourself you are right on time. Cause you are exactly where you need to be. 
If you are feeling the shifts and connecting more with your nature, type yes in the comments below. Give thanks you are alive!! -Umoja"

Sehfuu says, "Protect The Heart with some Yellow Dragon Fruit"

Sprouted coconut is another fruit that we realized is best eaten shared. We all took parts helping open this amazing fruit. We used shovels, but you can also use a machete or clever.

We harvested some longan (also known as dragon's eye fruit) this week. More should be ready in late spring.

The moment we've all been waiting for, a sweet and creamy new variety called Musang King durian is now available! This frozen durian is usually smaller than monthong, but packs a creamier texture and much sweeter flavor. We got to enjoy this amazing fruit pictured last Tuesday while packing fruit boxes. 
It was a small caimito harvest this week, but we were able to send some high quality star apples to a few long time pre order customers.
We were able to ship out cherimoya and atemoya pre orders this Tuesday. Availability is extremely limited so make sure to get your pre order in as a soon as you can and please be patient.

Overview of What's in season this week:

Frozen Musang King Durian
Pink Guava
Mamey Sapote
Yellow Dragonfruit 
sapodilla (limited)
sprouted coconut
Rare Tomato
White Dragonfruit (limited)
Soursop (limited)
Avocado (limited)
Langsat (limited)
Jaboticaba (very limited)
Eggfruit (very limited)
Gamboge (very limited)
Sugar Apple (very limited)
Star Apple (very limited)
Cherimoya (limited)
Atemoya (very limited)