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2 NEW FRUITS! ✨❤️ + Special Edition Harvest Update 🌈

Welcome to another special edition harvest update! It seems like all of our harvest updates have been special lately, and we aren't complaining. ;)

All beach pictures in this update were taken by the talented @chrisjaramedia, he's an upcoming vegan videographer, if you like his work, make sure to give him a follow. *WARNING* These photos show a little more skin than what some may be used to, we just want to preface by saying that we (us 3 ladies featured) chose the outfits and poses. It's also quite warm year round here in Miami, and this is commonly seen as natural and normal attire in this part of paradise we live in. 

Here at Miamifruit, we are OBSESSED with the anonna family. Not only does this family in particular have so many health benefits, but they taste amazing!! Sugar apple and atemoya are very limited in availability right now.
The soursop from Grenada are still abundant right now, but that often changes week to week. This Tuesday we where able to ship one soursop in every variety box!

Last week the cherimoyas were not ready for harvest, but we expect to ship all cherimoya pre-orders this upcoming Tuesday, if you haven't already gotten your order in, now is a great time.

We have been harvesting more sapodilla recently, but due to hurricane irma damages, this fruit is still limited. If you want to have sapodillas in your life make sure o order soon before the season ends. Add sapodilla chips to your box for an easy on the go snack!
We can't get enough of these locally grown organic cherry tomatoes. The same farmer that grows the mamey and sapodilla that we ship every week also has a row of all kinds of rare tomato varieties. He puts a lot of love and nutrients into these tomatoes. The year-round warm weather allows us to have an earlier tomato season than the rest of the country.

This picture is dedicated to International Women's Day! Celebrate all the goddesses in your life with fruit! We love eating sprouted coconuts with friends because it is one of those fruits that is fun to share!

Pisang raja bananas are abundant right now. We've been shipping out mostly this variety along with nam wah, gros michel, and mysore every week.
Mamey Sapote is BACK in season! + a sneak preview of next week's newsletter ;)

We shipped out more langsat this week and were even able to put some in the freeze dryer! We will let you know how they turn out as soon as we find out. You can pre-order now because we may have a small amount left to harvest this Monday.

We are expecting fresh durian in a couple weeks! Make sure to pre order now to reserve your spot in line on the waiting list.

Mangosteen will be available at the same time as durian. Get your pre order in ASAP.
Look out for pink guava in the variety boxes this week! Make sure they are soft and squishy before eating. You can eat the skins and seeds of this fruit. It has a sweet, juicy, floral flavor.

Red Oyster Mushrooms have a strong flavor that slightly resembles ham. The thin round fruiting bodies make a great meat replacement in cooked dishes.

Overview of What's in season this week:

Pink Guava
Mamey Sapote
Yellow Dragonfruit 
sapodilla (limited)
sprouted coconut
Rare Tomato
White Dragonfruit (limited)
Soursop (limited)
Avocado (limited)
Jaboticaba (very limited)
Eggfruit (very limited)
Gamboge (very limited)
Sugar Apple (very limited)
Durian & Mangosteen coming soon!!