| Edelle Schlegel

🌈☀️Summertime tastes sweet with Miami Fruit!🍌🍍

Warm weather is here! So many juicy fruits are coming in right now. Now is a good time to get a variety box.

The mango varieties are endless here in South Florida. This week we harvested Yellow belly possum, Pimsane mum, Ficell, Kushman, Erwin, and Rosy gold.

Our friend and long time customer Candice @vegan_floridian took an awesome picture with this miamifruit pineapple that she ordered. Love it! If you take a picture with our fruit, please tag us so we can see it. If you want a pineapple in your variety box, please let us know because we don't usually include them since they take up almost half of the box.

White Pitaya are back in season now. Not long before the red variety comes in too. Get your pre-orders in for Red Pitaya now.

Super delcious passionfruit is in full season now. The little pink ones are so sweet! Don't forget to wait until they're a little wrinkly before eating.

It was a slightly small banana harvest this week. They should be more plentiful soon. We harvested thousand finger, zebrini, goldfinger, orinoco, and pelapita bananas.

We harvested some amazing sweetheart lychees this week. It looks like we will be able to harvest a small amount of Brewster lychees next week so now is a good time to pre-order!

We have been harvesting a lot of large jackfruits lately. People have been really enjoying the jackfruit mix boxes
If you live in South Florida, take a trip to the Southwest Community Farmer's market every Saturday. Rane and Edelle manage the market, and can be found at the information tent. Sal and Jessica sell MiamiFruit there too!

It's  from 9 am - 3 pm. 
The address is: Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155