| Edelle Schlegel

🌈‼️Important NEWS please read Fruit Lovers🍌🍍 + Harvest Update

This week we harvested some amazing dragonfruit varieties including physical graffiti, natural mystic, and dark red zamorano.

The mangoes are popping off here. We only send the best fiberless creamy varieties. This week we harvested rosy gold, philippino, carrie, cushman, erwin, Lilie, and more!

Mamey sapote is still going on here. The Magana variety is about to end and soon we will have the Key West variety.
Fresh durian is now available! This week only order fresh durian grown in Thailand. We won't be shipping any fruits on the fourth of July so now is your chance to get fresh never frozen durian! All orders for durian must be placed by this Sunday June 25th.

Mangosteen is also available. Please order by Sunday.

Donny avocados are now available. These are big smooth and creamy avocados. They make a good topping to salads but also taste great on their own.

Look at this cutie we picked on Monday. We also picked a huge 47 pound jackfruit. Jackfruits really vary in size with all the varieties growing in South Florida. Knowing when to pick jackfruit is more of an art than a science. 

This amazing pineapple is still going strong right now. We are really enjoying this refreshing fruit on these warm summer days in South Florida.

The sapodilla right now is super rich in color and flavor. Don't miss it before its gone!

The passionfruit abundance is real right now. We can't get enough of this super sweet small pink variety. We love it on it's own, but it also tastes great on mango and watermelon.

We harvested about 14 pounds of Brewster lychees on Monday. We may be able to get a few more sweetheart lychees next week.

Are you in the area? Come down to the SouthWest market every Saturday from 9-3! The address is: Tropical Park, 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

REMINDER: We will be shipping this Monday, but the Monday after (July 4th) we will not be shipping, so please get your orders in this week!


Watch the video to know how to tell when mangoes are ripe!