| Edelle Schlegel

🍍Here's the Good Stuff👀What's New & In Season in Miami💖

It's Pineapple O'clock!
Pineapples are back!! Summer has begun in Miami and the pineapples are coming in hot.

Banana abundance this week! Thank you to all of or patient banana variety box orders! We finally shipped out all of the banana boxes and California variety boxes! This Monday we harvested Nam Wah, Mysore, FHIA 18, Brazilian, Orinoco, praying hands, gold finger, and some Cuban reds!

The first crop of avocados are here! 🥑South Florida avocados rule because there are hundreds of different varieties that you can't find in the store. These are so good we often eat them plain, but they also make a great guacamole or avocado toast! 🥑

Rambutan is back by popular demand! About a year ago we asked the people on our Facebook page if they would be interested in purchasing non-local fruit like rambutan from Guatemala. We got a unanimous yes. So far this is the only fruit on or website that is imported. If you only want local and sustainably grown fruit just leave a note saying no rambutan when you order and we will not include it in your box. So now it's your turn fruit lovers, is anyone interested in fresh mangosteen or durian? We would love to make them available to you all but they would have to come from Thailand which means they would have to be overnight shipped to you. 

Just a small Jaboticaba harvest this week. Some of our many pre-orders were fulfilled! If you pre-ordered and haven't received Jaboticaba please be patient because we have so many orders to fulfill. Luckily these trees fruit multiple times a year.

Rosy Gold mangos are ready! This early mango variety is sweet and flavorful.  The picture is just a small fraction of what we harvested on Monday, and there's still more left on the trees! 🤗 Pre order mangoes asap because we will be harvesting many more amazing varieties in only a week or two! 

Jackfruit is still going strong here. Order a jackfruit mix box and invite your friends over for an awesome jackfruit eating party!

Look out for longans coming in soon! Pre-order now to reserve your spot on the list!

Who's interested in velvet apples? We have a source in the Keys. Respond to this email if you are and we will list them on the website.

How about key limes? These limes are much sweeter than any you can find in the store. They also pack a lot of juice!

We also have noni and banana blended and dehydrated into a fruit leather. Anyone interested?
Dehydated star fruits also coming soon! These would make a great on-the-go treat or topping to a smoothie bowl!

Passionfruit Heaven Smoothie
1 small or half large papaya
2 large passionfruits or 6 small passionfruit
5 frozen mysore bananas
(optional add key lime)

The passionfruit almost gives it an orange creamsicle flavor