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🍌Stock up on Sweetness for the Summer! ☀️ + Harvest Update 🌈

Stock up on fruit for the summer! This Tuesday (June 19th) will be the second to last time we ship this summer! The last official shipping day is June 26th! After that date we will only be shipping sprouted coconuts until early September. If you’re a local you can always come by the farmer's market every Saturday all year long! 7900 SW 40th st Tropical Park Miami Fl 33143

DURIAN SALE! $30 off fresh durian when you use the code: “durian” Use it as many times as you want! Many people ask why this fruit is so expensive and simply it is because it is imported from Thailand, someone has to grow it, harvest it, ship it, inspect it, pick it up, and sell it to us. We also only ship this fruit overnight which is pretty costly, which we include in some of the price. We were able to get a large shipment of durian for this Monday which is why we can have this $30 off sale for you lovely fruit friends. Who’s ready for a durian party?

Red dragonfruit has been super sweet lately, dare I say, sweeter than yellow dragonfruit? It's a must try!

This is a response from out customer Allison this week about the mamey, "YALL. We just broke into our first mamey...no description I've ever read could even begin to prepare for what I experienced!!! Thank y'all so much for sending 2 in my variety box, wow wow wow like wow."
She also wrote, "But for real we are obsessed...I knew we would be...it's been (gasp!) 5 years since I've had a passion fruit, had to order a whole box" 

This is a baby jackfruit, but we usually ship much larger sizes to our customers. As always, wait until they smell amazing like bubblegum before opening and enjoying. Wish you could smell our jackfruit trees right now.

We will be harvesting some epic mango varieties this Monday including: fascell, phillipine, and possibly a small amount of nam doc mai! Don't miss out on your chance to try USA grown mangoes this year.
This is the last harvest of the year for lychees! We will be harvesting the sought after emperor lychee and another rare variety that is super sweet. There will be a limited amount available to harvest. Shipping out all pre orders and previous orders on Tuesday.

What's in season this week:

Fresh Durian 
Red Dragonfruit
Sprouted coconut 
Mamey Sapote
Pink Guava
Nam Wah Bananas
Pisang Raja Bananas
Yellow Dragonfruit 
White Dragonfruit 
June Plum
Frozen Musang King Durian
Lychee (limited)

Mammee Apple (limited)
Ciruela (limited)
Purple Sweet Potato (limited)