| Edelle Schlegel

ūüĆĻRose Bananas to Stinky Cheese FruitūüćĆ

Harvest Update 10/19/16

This week, we harvested a very rare banana called the Rose Banana. It has a unique, floral flavor that gives it the name "rose" because it actually tastes like roses!

We also are exited to add Pelapita banana to the banana pre-order collection! This rich banana is very flavorful and filling. A few of these make a nice mono-meal.

We also harvested some beautiful cuban reds along with many others such as praying hands, nam wah, F17, valerie, and thousand finger!

Miami Fruit has another freeze dried fruit to add to it's growing collection! This is the Freeze Dried Nam Wah banana.  It makes the perfect on-the-go snack or meal!

Speaking of freeze dried, John and Rane are hard at work picking strawberry tree berries for freeze drying. We have our first batch in the freeze dryer right now!

We have been harvesting a lot Caribbean papaya lately. It has a sweet flavor and is great for digestion! We find it is best enjoyed chilled from the refridgerator.

We harvested the last of the blue grape this week. We won't have any more until next season. Thank you to everyone that ordered!

Miami Fruit is exited to add coffee fruit to the website. There's only a couple trees that we harvest this fruit from, so supply is very limited, if you would like to try this antioxidant rich fruit, order soon!

Cactus fruit is also a new addition, it is very similar to dragonfruit. It is a fiberous and water-rich fruit that can be enjoyed on its own or added to smoothies or juices!
Speaking of juice, we tried a shot of our noni farmer's noni juice and we are amazed! Noni fruit has many health benefits and is often enjoyed on the island of Hawaii. We are exited to bring this fruit to you, but we must warn you, its known as the stinky cheese fruit for a good reason! ;)