| Edelle Schlegel

Longans SALE! + Sprouted Coconuts ūüĆī

Longans are back!!
for a limited time only


Take an extra $5 your longan box with the code "longanlove" which you can enter at the checkout! We only expect to have longans for two more weeks.

We also have added something really special to the website, it's called sprouted coconut!! The flavor and texture is often described as a sweet, buttery sponge cake. It is a very filling and powerful food, that was once only eaten by Hawaiian royalty. 

Here's a video of Edelle trying her first sprouted coconut!

Check out this amazing tropical persimmon and banana smoothie bowl made by @frommybowl. Caitlin is one of our loyal local Miami Fruit customers, and she loves eating Miami Fruit persimmon frozen or adding it to her smoothie creations. If you buy a box of persimmon, don't forget to take pictures of your creations and tag us on Instagram or Facebook :)