| Edelle Schlegel

Harvest Update 10/13/16

What's in Season + Update! 

As always, we have an abundance of bananas. One thing you can count on in a variety box is a great selection of rare South Florida grown bananas. 

Here's a pic of me with a rack of thousand finger bananas! Right behind me is a beautiful variegated banana plant.

The Caribbean papaya trees are producing a large crop right now. If you want to try delicious, juicy papaya grown in South Florida, then order from Miami Fruit!

Of course we must add that our tropical persimmons are in season right now too, if you'd like to read more about them then you can read our blog post here.

June plums are in full fruit right now too! These fruits are have a very strong, fresh, tangy, savory, and slightly sweet flavor. They are juicy and crunchy like an apple. June plums were not our favorite at first bite, but now we have grown to love them and eat a few every night.

Our newest addition to the website is the blue grape. This rare fruit is a very close relative to jaboticaba. There is not much flesh inside the shell, but it has a unique sweet flavor. It has been enjoyed by only a small handful of fruit enthusiasts.

This week we harvested a few pounds of strawberry tree berry at Three Sister's Farm! This unique fruit tastes very similar to a sugar strawberry flavored frosting. They are too fragile to ship, so we are freeze drying them instead. Look out of for more freeze dried rare fruits in the future.

Speaking of freeze dried fruits, have you seen our freeze dried jackfruit chips? They are so good, and slightly addictive.

Thank you to everyone that ordered freeze dried fruit from us! We know you are going to love it as much as we do. Ackee was by far our most popular freeze dried fruit order. If you would like to order an ackee sack before they're all gone click here!